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to live is to love, to love is to accept.

a letter to my younger self,

To love is to live. To befriend the cows that roam Big Sur’s coastline and sing along with the birds at Rio Del Mar. To twirl underneath rainbows in a thrifted, fairylike skirt and run with your heart wide open into the Pacific Ocean. To fall in love with the sound of your lover’s heartbeat— it’ll become your favorite song. To drive on backroads with the windows down, heat on high, and the radio’s sound maxed out. To outshine the sun with your smile when you talk about your dreams. To hitchhike on the back of a motorcycle with a stranger at sunset on O'ahu. To wish upon shooting stars, because they will never let you down. To never chase love, but to chase opportunity every single time.

To be a friend is to live. Late night laughter underneath the Arizona moonlight, surrounded by the ones you love. To attend a nomadic wedding in the desert at sunset. Skinny dipping the night of your birthday with the ones you love in the Pacific Ocean. To spend every Wednesday morning attending community yoga at Dog Beach. Leaving your comfort zone by attending a boxing class. Surround yourself with friends who tightly hug and say “I love you” religiously. Friends who check in, despite the miles that stretch between. Those who do not only feel like a friend, but also a world and a dream.

To live, my love, is to let people in. Open your heart to new beginnings. To let the ones you love go with the intention that they find what it is they are looking for. To trust that timing will bring you back if it’s meant to be. Spend your early twenties soaking in your solitude until you find someone who is deserving of your love. Balance love with life. You are a person before you are a partner. You are your own universe. I promise you, someone will someday see you for who you are, and every aspect of their life will change. Their soul will return home to yours and you’ll be grateful you let them in. Please, let them in.

If your heart wins and you let love in, you have to accept them for who they are. You must love them for who they are, and who they are not. To love someone, whether it’s platonic or romantic, is to accept them for where they are at. To understand their reasonings and find compassion through your differences. Difference is what makes us human. To be fully ourselves and different is one of the most beautiful things we can do as human beings. It’s a form of love to learn each other’s differences and accept them.

To live is to love—to love is to accept.

Life is meant to be lived fully and that's defined by you.

Although I am still young and have years of life lessons ahead of me, I know to pursue love is to live— the type of love that lives within Big Sur's coastline, that exists on mountain peaks, and among the constellations in the sky above. To love is to drive across the country to reconnect with friends. And sometimes it's letting someone go.

Love is ever-present, you just have to let it in.

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