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right person, right time.

at the right moment, you meet the exact person you are meant to meet. sometimes your path intertwines with someone else’s just to hear their words of encouragement. or to remember the significance of a specific memory. some people are reminders; they show you how to love the parts of you that make you insecure, or remind you to start old routines again. and sometimes you fall in love with the wrong people; who feel oh, so right, for the sole purpose of proving that you are capable of falling in love again. to remind you how fun loving another soul is. to teach you that not everyone is similar to your last. yes, I am talking about the one who hurt you in unimaginable ways; the one who you’ve spent years healing from. The Universe brings us the right people at the right time. the concept of “right person, wrong time” is simply untrue. us humans, we have no control of timing. we have no control of others, nor do we have control of their actions and unfair reasonings. have you ever met someone who’s sunshine in human form? and within no time at all, they become your home. your safe place. their presence in your life comforts you like the ocean. the love you oh, so easily give to others is reciprocated with them. they’re your missing puzzle piece. and then, out of the opaquest of blues, timing separates you two. and before you have the chance to comprehend, they’re gone. an ocean separates you; they’re thousands of miles away. we lose the ones we love to make room for the people we will love. the people we loved, but lost, prepare us for our next love. it’s beautiful to perceive every person we meet as a learning lesson. it’s also very bittersweet. and some days it’s more bitter than sweet. endings are hard to accept. especially when you’re losing your puzzle piece; the one soul who filled your cup; your ray of sunshine in human form; the one who you’re convinced to have loved in a past life. the truth is, endings are beginnings. you’ve began again after every ending. every heartbreak brought you to new love. and sometimes that love is self-love! every loss is shortly replaced by something better, more fulfilling. never take the loss of someone personally. it’ll always work out in your benefit. rejection is redirection.

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